SL2 Next Generation of Remote Alcohol Monitoring.
SL2 is a handheld wireless testing device designed for secure remote monitoring. The device takes a picture of the participant during the breath test to verify identity. The BAC result, real-time photo, and
GPS location is instantly transmitted from the device to the secure web portal for the supervising party
to review.
The design process started based on the brief and the electronic hardware documentation provided by Soberlink.
The first aproach was create a sleek and clean design concept following the requirements.
STEP2 - Redesign
After received the feedback from the client the concept needed to be modified. The aesthetic design was going on the right way but had some technical issues to change.
The new concept fit better all the technical requiremnts (specially for the camera) and the aesthetic was improved with an all new design.
Final Design
Promotional video created by Soberlink © All Rights Reserved.
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