Phosforce & Beam Expander
Designed to fit on the Wicked Lasers Spyder III Series these accessories expand the possibilities of the most powerful  handheld laser.
They are designed to  be a part of the lasers without seamless, incorporating the same design language with a innovative twist.
The new Phosforce transforms the Arctic handheld laser into the world's first laser flashlight.
The Phosforce puts out up to 500 lumens, making it one of the most powerful and efficient portable flashlights in the world.
The Phosforce channels laser power using a patented phosphor coating which transforms blue light into white light. The resulting light source is incredibly powerful and completely eyesafe - and switches back to a powerful laser anytime.
Beam Expander
The adjustable focus BeamExpander makes it possible to reduce the diameter of the laser's beam at maximum range - increasing the effective range of your laser by up to 10 times.
The Expander also has an adjustable focus, which lets you choose exactly how precise you want your laser to be at any given distance. At maximum range, the beam expander makes it possible for you to pinpoint whatever you like, without losing the sharpness of the beam or the original power of the Spyder III laser.
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